Play Ground Safety Rules and Facility Policies 

Kids Zone Indoor Party and Play Centre is an unsupervised play area.  Parents/guardians are responsible for supervising their own children to ensure they are playing safely and using the equipment appropriately including:  no running, pushing or horse play, no climbing on outside of play structures, games or rides.  Children must go feet first down slides and climbing up slides is not permitted. 


Children must be supervised by a parent or guardian when using arcade and redemption games and while using kiddie rides.  

Kids Zone is not responsible for injuries caused during your stay at the facility and playground.

Kids Zone is a socks only environment for all patrons including both children and adults. No bare feet or shoes are permitted inside the facility. This is to follow the Ontario Health and Safety Act. Socks can be purchased at the entrance desk for your convenience.

Please ensure that you and your children are free from illness when visiting. 

Kids Zone is a nut away facility.  No outside food or beverages are permitted in the facility with the exception of baby formula and baby food. Exceptions are made for medical reasons, please call ahead to ensure accommodations can be made.  All of our food products are peanut free an we do our best to keep our facility safe and healthy for everyone. Kids Zone can not be held responsible for any allergies or incidents beyond our control.

Food must remain in the dining area or the party rooms.  No food or drinks (including water and baby formula) are permitted in any play or carpeted areas. No gum chewing is permitted in the facility. Thank you for helping to keep our carpets clean and dry.

We do not allow any group to have a birthday party without making a reservation at our facility. Presents and cake are not permitted in the dining room as this space is reserved for our general public guests. All walk In parties are to select a package if wanting to host their party at Kids Zone.


No costumes, glitter, sparkles, party hats or sharp objects on clothing or body are permitted in order to preserve the safety of our play equipment. No toys are permitted in play area or on climbing structure.

Ballons are allowed in the party rooms and dining area, however they must not make way into the play area or tunnels. If your balloon pops, clean ensure you pick up all the pieces to prevent a small child from choking.

In order to maintain a safe and welcoming environment, management reserves the right to refuse entry or terminate your visit at any time if equipment is being used improperly or your play is unsafe or disrespectful to others. Staff will not be mistreated or you will be asked to leave immediately.

Kids Zone is not responsible for missing, or damaged personal property 


Rules and Policies are subject to change as necessary to operate safely. Please inquire further if you have any questions. Kids Zone appreciates your cooperation to ensure we remain a clean and safe play environment.

Party Package Conditions and Policies 

Kids Zone is a socks only facility for ALL guests, including both children and adults.

Guests will not be admitted in bare feet or if wearing shoes or boots.

No outside food, snacks, or beverages are permitted in the building with the exception of your birthday cake (peanut free), a fruit or vegetable tray and/or any special dietary requirements (outside food for medical reasons must be approved in advance of your party) Note:  Birthday cake is not permitted to be eaten outside of the party room in any public areas.  This includes hallways and dining room. Please help keep our carpets clean.

All children attending party will be provided with their choice of pizza or hot dog plus a beverage.  Additional meals including whole pizzas, pitchers of cold beverages, snacks (bowls of fresh popped popcorn, chips, cheesies) are available to order in advance or at the time of your party.

Birthday cakes left behind will be discarded.  We would be happy to store your ice cream cake during your visit.

Please do not arrive earlier than the time of your party as your party host will not be available to help you until your booked time slot. All rooms are 90 minutes in duration. You may remain in the facility following the party room for unlimited play (during open hours).  Note:  unlimited play is included during and after your party, not before.  Public play rates apply prior to party.  

Additional time in the party room can be booked at a rate of $50.00 per half hour, subject to availability. If time is added at the time of booking it will be automatically added to your final party bill as we have reserved the time for you and scheduled other parties around that booking.

At the end of your allotted time in the party room, please take gifts, balloons, decorations etc. to your vehicle. Please do not leave these items on dining room tables or in any public areas.  Any party items left in public area including on dining room tables will be moved to the front counter.

If you are distributing loot bags, please hand them out to the children when they are leaving the facility.  Loot bag and party goodies should not be taken into or distributed in the public or play areas, i.e. toys, candy, masks, party hats etc. 

Party rooms are decorated in a birthday theme.  You are welcome to add your own decorations i.e. table cloth, center pieces, balloons, however, we ask that you do not hang anything on the walls or remove our decorations.  If you would like to hang a backdrop you may use the window.

Pinatas and Confetti are not permitted in Kids Zone. A 30.00 cleaning fee applies if confetti is used in the party room.  

Party deposits become non-refundable 3 days after booking and/or 15 days before the party date, whichever comes first.

Once a party is reserved you may upgrade your package at any time. If your numbers increase, please let us know as soon as you can as we can not guarantee a larger room will be available. If your numbers decrease, we ask that you let us know so we are able to put you in a suitable room. Smaller parties are scheduled in appropriate sized rooms. If you have a smaller party and would like to request a larger room a fee may apply. 

For cancellation due to illness or emergency, a new date may be selected but not refunded. Party must take place within 30 days of the original party date.

Kids Zone is not responsible or liable for any loss or theft in the facility including party rooms.  

Payment of the balance: Debit Card, Credit or Cash. We do not accept personal cheques.

Guests must not exceed the capacity of the package/room size selected in your package.  If the number of adults exceed the room capacity, public rates will be charged. Guests must not overflow into the hallways as this affects our fire safety regulations.

Gratuities are not automatically added and may be paid to the host at the customer's discretion.

The Birthday Party Sponsors are responsible for the actions and safety of all the children attending the party. Please ensure that all the children in your care play safe.  Kids Zone is not responsible for injuries. 

Kids Zone is not exclusive to any party package. 

Please do not hesitate to ask if there is anything we can do to make your visit more enjoyable. 

Kids Zone - 12 Stanley Court, Whitby ON

Tel. 905-666-KIDS (5437)